Corebox containers

Lightweight and super durable COREBOX containers are our Patented product! Up to 10 tons of static strength. It will work especially where the weight and strength of the packaging is important. COREBOX cardboard containers are a modern, lighter up to 80% replacement for wood and metal containers. COREBOX containers meet ISPM15 phytosanitary standards. They can be folded in up to 30 seconds and are completely recyclable!

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Corebox containers
Reduce transport costs with lightweight and ultra-durable COREBOX containers

In transport, packaging matters, more precisely its weight and strength. Every kilogram is another buck disappearing from the company’s cash register. You can keep them in it: for the benefit of your company’s image and finances. Discover an eco-friendly solution that:

  • reduce the cost of air, sea and land transport,
  • ensure the full safety of the load,
  • ergonomics in your company.

Right away.

COREBOX pallet and container system

COREBOX cardboard containers are an eco-friendly and modern replacement for wood and metal containers. Lightweight, extremely durable and 100% recyclable, they will reduce transport costs and ecological footprint, positively building the image of a socially responsible company. To be assembled in up to 30 seconds!

  • Made of solid board and 5 or 7-layer high-weight corrugated board: for full product safety
  • 10.2 tonnes of static strength – confirmed by tests
  • Meets ISPM15 phytosanitary standards
  • Craft coating: for protection against moisture in maritime transport
  • Dimensions and equipment tailored to your needs
  • Made of recyclable material
  • Up to 80% lighter than other containers: reduced transport costs
More than 10 tons of ULTRA static strength

As much as 10.2 tonnes of strength confirmed by the COBRO packaging research institute in Warsaw. The COREBOX container has not been distorted even at maximum press load. See how safe your products will be in black and white!

You send more, you pay less

Cardboard containers increase productivity and reduce transport costs. They are even several times lighter than their metal or wooden counterparts, so you can reduce not only the price of the shipment, but also CO2 emissions. The cardboard container measuring 2250x740x1114mm weighs 50 kg, while the wooden box weighs 180 kg! As much as 130 kg of savings remain in “your pocket”. With cardboard containers

Build a market advantage for your business

See how to be a few steps ahead of the competition.


Build the image of a socially responsible company with eco-friendly choices. Cardboard crates are up to 80% lighter, which in transport translates into a reduction in the CO2 footprint.

Cost optimization

Savings on loading weight and on the working time of your people. Quick and efficient installation without the need for tools translates into ergonomics: the work is lighter and at the same time more efficient, thanks to the low weight of its own cardboard container.

Brand awareness

Cardboard containers can be covered with high-quality print, which will build awareness of your brand from the very beginning. Fine feathers make fine birds: so let yourself be seen and met – faster than others!

A choice that consumers and the environment will appreciate

Once and in the trash? Not with us! Robust cardboard containers can be used repeatedly! Replace costly plastic and metal disposal with an ecological solution! The cardboard from which the COREBOX pallet and container system is made is 100% recyclable. Without high disposal costs and in an environmentally friendly way, you will process our packaging, gaining both in the eyes of consumers and the planet

Tailor-made for your business

Need a custom-sized package with extra compartments and mounts, while still wanting to keep it low on its own? You name it! We will adapt the design of the container to your individual needs, and its assembly will be trivial. Just place the individual elements in the guides and you’re done!

Experience the new eco-friendly dimension of packaging!