Lid, bottom, cover and cardboard feet – enough to create a cardboard box-pallet for the safe transport of your products. The pallet box is a solution that does not require a separate pallet, and guarantees fast assembly and product safety. These are simple and practical products in an ecological and modern version.

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Quick assembly and safety of products in an eco-friendly version

We like simple and practical solutions. Ones you can use comfortably and from the hand – every day. Cardboard boxes are designed for speed of installation while taking care of the environment and full product safety. Use them in your company.

Designed for speed and ease of installation

Lid, bottom, cover and cardboard feet to replace the pallet – enough to make a cardboard box to transport your products. With the possibility of individual dimension adjustment and high-quality corporate printing. Your employees will assemble it easily, quickly and conveniently!

  • Solid board and 5 or 7-layer high-weight corrugated board: for full product safety
  • Cardboard footers to replace the pallet
  • Meets ISPM15 phytosanitary standards
  • Kraft coating for moisture protection
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Multi-colour overprint
Ready in 30 seconds!

We adapt the dimensions of the pallet box to your individual preferences, and their installation does not require the use of any tools. Just put the cover in the bottom and cover the whole thing with age. Ease and speed of installation will allow you to reduce time and improve the ergonomics of the staff. Your employees will instantly prepare crates and pallets for the transport of products.

With the environment in mind

No nails, no hammer and exactly the way you want!  The pallet boxes are made of cardboard, which can be 100% processed. It is a cheap and environmentally friendly solution as opposed to the alternative, that is, containers made of plastic and metal, the disposal of which is expensive.

Easy and cheap transport

The pallet box can be transported flat, which, combined with its low self-weight, makes their transport extremely simple and convenient. The low weight of the crate-pallet also allows you to increase the number of shipments without exceeding the gross weight allowed for movement, which generates transport savings.

Fast, comfortable, eco-friendly?

Yes, it’s with us!

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