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Polish manufacturer of cardboard packaging

AMAZEPACK is a manufacturer of cardboard packaging. We focus primarily on high quality. As a Polishmanufacturer of cardboard packaging, we are guided by clear priorities. Our packaging designs combine functionality with excellent design.


AMAZEPACK is a manufacturer of durable packaging with versatile applications. With you in mind, we have prepared various types of innovative containers and cardboard packaging. Thanks to them, you will no longer worry about the safety of storing and transporting goods.

Cardboard containers
Cardboard containers

Are you looking for a safe way to store or transport your goods? AMAZEPACK is a packaging manufacturer you can easily order suitable cardboard containers or crates from. We will adapt the packaging to your individual needs!

Cardboard packaging
Cardboard packaging

AMAZEPACK is a packaging manufacturer that will prepare innovative cardboard packaging with original design especially for you. Thanks to them, you will no longer have to choose between attractive appearance and product safety.

Comprehensive service

As a manufacturer of cardboard packaging, we guarantee full order handling – from design to delivery. We offer a wide range of packaging materials and designs, and our strength is that we have the entire range in one place.


Why bother if we can help? We know the topic. You do not even know what miracles can be created from carton and cardboard.


Need it instantly? The project is crumbling or the boss insists?We act. And we deliver.


Our offer is just a prelude to our capabilities. Need something custom? That’s good! We can do it, and how!



On time and at the door. That’s it. Anyone who has ever had trouble with a supplier will appreciate it. Your packaging will reach you in just 5 working days!

Why Amazepack

By betting on AMAZEPACK, you choose primarily a creative manufacturer of cardboard packaging. Our company guarantees the implementation of even unconventional packaging projects or short product series. Stand out among the crowd!

Individual packaging designs

Full service from design to delivery

Production of even short series

Fast execution – up to 5 business days

A wide range of materials and designs

The whole range in one place

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