Container F203

Lightweight and super durable COREBOX containers are our Patent Pending product! Up to 10 tons of static strength. It will work especially where the weight and strength of the packaging is important. COREBOX cardboard containers are a modern, lighter up to 75% replacement for wood and metal containers. COREBOX containers meet ISPM15 phytosanitary standards. They can be folded in up to 30 seconds and are completely recyclable!

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kontener f203
Multifunctionality and design you can rely on

Stable, durable and easy to fold, F203 cardboard containers are a multi-purpose solution that optimizes transport costs while maintaining full product safety. A conscious, eco-friendly choice that will allow you to pay less

Proven design with safety guarantee

The combination of the FEFCO 203 box with practical age and stable cardboard feet consists of a comprehensive container and pallet system that is ideal for transporting cargo in the automotive, printing, industrial or electronic industries. A solid bottom of 4 layers of high-weight cardboard up to 1600g/m2 allows products to be protected and craft coating protects them from moisture. Proven design with safety guarantee.

  • Solid board and 5 or 7-layer high-weight corrugated board: for full product safety
  • Cardboard footers to replace the pallet
  • Meets ISPM15 phytosanitary standards
  • Kraft coating for moisture protection
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Durable bottom made of 4 layers of cardboard
Reduction of transport costs

Thanks to the low weight of your own cardboard container, you can increase the number of shipments in one transport without exceeding the gross weight of the cargo. As a result, you can transport more products safely and at a lower cost. You do not “lose kilograms” on the weight of the packaging, as is the case with, for example, wooden crates.

Savings for your business and the environment

Forget about expensive disposal of containers made of wood, metal or plastic. Our cardboard counterparts can be recycled 100% for the benefit of the environment and the corporate budget.

Dimensions tailored to your needs

You can freely choose container sizes depending on the type of load. We will efficiently prepare a solution tailored to your current needs

Multi-colour overprint capability

Container in corporate branding? It’s already done! We will prepare a high-quality print that will promote your brand already at the start.

Easy transport

The cardboard container is fabulously easy and convenient to transport thanks to its low weight and the ability to fold it flat – it doesn’t take up much space.


Quick folding

No heavy components or tools, saving employees hours. The container will be ready for use in no time.


Kilograms of economy

No worries about exceeding the permissible gross load weight. Cardboard containers are much lighter than their metal or wooden counterparts, so you can carry more shipments in one transport

Take advantage of innovative solutions

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Corebox containers