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Such as you need, where you need them and above all safe for the environment, ECO and unique in form or printing.

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Cardboard containers

Designed for the most demanding, with the possibility of adapting the interior to a specific product. We are the manufacturer of the most durable cardboard containers. Check their capabilities.

Cardboard packaging

From standard packaging to the most funky designs. Packaging from the FEFCO catalogue, octabins, fillers and packaging for special tasks. Tell us what you need.


Lightweight and super durable corebox containers are an unusual proposal that is our patent candidate. It will work especially where the weight and strength of the packaging is important. Corebox containers are an environmentally friendly solution that will guarantee the full safety of goods and improve the ergonomics of your work in your company. Cardboard corebox containers are a modern replacement for wood and metal containers. They are up to 45% lighter than other containers, which means really effective reduction of transport costs. For complete product safety, they are made of solid board and five- or seven-layer high-weight corrugated board. Studies have confirmed 10.2 tonnes of static strength. Innovative corebox containers have a craft coating for protection against moisture in maritime transport. We will adapt their dimensions and equipment to your needs. Corebox containers meet ispm15 phytosanitary standards. They can be folded in up to 30 seconds and are completely recyclable!


How do I increase my sales?

Attracting the customer’s attention with visually attractive packaging. Customers buy with their eyes – and every self-respecting brand strives to stand out in the market. The easiest way to do this is with the help of printing the packaging.


Flexography (flexo printing) – a technique of printing convex with flexible printing forms and liquid quick-cleaning inks. The most versatile technique when it comes to the printing capabilities of different printing substrates – it can be used even on uneven substrates thanks to a kind of “three-dimensionality” – the presence of a flexible, convex printing form (usually made of polymer, less often made of rubber).

Individual Projects
Exceptional and unique shapes

Designed specifically for an item, the packaging not only has a unique, distinctive shape on the market. First of all, it maximizes product safety in transport. The need for polystyrene “fillers” disappears.

Huge opportunities

It all depends on the idea. you have an idea? we will present you with a specific design and technological solutions.

Examples of projects

In cooperation with our partners from different industries, we create incl. toys, deck chairs and cottages for cats or children’s seats – all made of corrugated board.

What support do you get?
  • Technical support from our engineers,
  • Assistance in the selection of materials and type of printing,
  • Assistance in optimizing production costs.


Instead of SOMEHOW we prefer KNOW-HOW

At AMAZEPACK, we are guided by clear priorities: sincerity, transparency and professional ethics. Our packaging designs combine functionality, customer savings and refined design. You no longer have to choose between attractive appearance, weight and safety of your products. We cut our solutions to measure, generating savings in the form of lower transport costs and catching the eye of your customers with attractive packaging.

Quality, design or functionality? You don’t have to compromise with us.

Corebox containers