Cardboard containers

AMAZEPACK designs and manufactures pallet containers made of cardboard. We offer both proven solutions and optimize standard boxes for your needs. The quality of our cardboard is controlled in the laboratory. In terms of quality, we do not accept any compromises.

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Cardboard containers as well as cardboard crates are the most durable option for making cardboard packaging. The most common combinations are solid board and corrugated board. The container of our corebox construction made of seven-layer cardboard, for example, 1600g/m2 guarantees a static pressure resistance of up to 10.2 tons of pressure. Thanks to this, it is equal to the strength of wooden or plastic containers, while guaranteeing a low self-weight. We are an innovative manufacturer of pallet containers made of cardboard.

Our products allow you to reduce the costs of logistics, storage. In addition, the cardboard container is a 100% recyclable eco-solution.

As a manufacturer of crates and containers made of cardboard, we produce tailor-made, so that the cargo space in transport is better used. Full cost optimization is possible thanks to an individual project tailored to your needs.

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Ergonomics and Comfort

Pallet containers, thanks to their low weight, are very convenient to install.

Production workers will definitely appreciate the fact that they do not have to use nails, hammers or other pneumatic devices for installation. A container or a crate-pallet is enough to fold, without the need for gluing. Improving the ergonomics of your work in your plant will result in less fatigue of employees and therefore more strength for other work. Improve the productivity of your employees and ensure their safety and comfort with integrated pallet cardboard containers.

Fine feathers make fine birds

How brands are perceived by their buyers is influenced by many factors. One of them is the right packaging. Its form, eco-friendliness and print. Just as it’s hard to print wood or plastic, cardboard containers are perfect canvas for expressing brand DNA. Choose a multi-coloured print on the container and catch the eye of potential buyers before they see the product itself.

Be Eco

Not only for the image, contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint for our planet. Well-optimized cardboard packaging allows the best use of cargo space and thus the shipping more goods by the same transport. Reduce the gross weight of loads with pallet containers and reduce CO2 in transport. Our packaging, crates and cardboard containers are 100% recyclable.

Tailored to your industry

Discover the use of cardboard pallet containers in your industry. We have experience in cooperation with different market segments. We will choose the right solutions for your business.

  • Cardboard containers for the furniture industry
  • Cardboard containers for automotive
  • Cardboard containers for electronics
  • Cardboard containers for the food industry
Instead of SOMEHOW we prefer KNOW-HOW

At AMAZEPACK, we are guided by clear priorities: sincerity, transparency and professional ethics. Our packaging designs combine functionality, customer savings and refined design. You no longer have to choose between attractive appearance, weight and safety of your products. We cut our solutions to measure, generating savings in the form of lower transport costs and catching the eye of your customers with attractive packaging. Quality, design or functionality? You don’t have to compromise with us.

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